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Product Introduction

The Gemini has been developed for entry-level systems that consist of a single source front end and integrated amplification.


The Gemini utilises our purpose designed aluminium extrusion and features two high quality unswitched sockets. These deliver 2300 watts and are therefore suitable for all components. The unit can also be ordered in either 4, 6 or 8 way configurations.



This sophisticated unit eliminates product cross contamination through sophisticated shunt filters coupled with our proprietary gating system and our 'Polaris-X' technology. The compact design also offers easy 'plug-n-play' installation and can be safely used with all components.

A high quality IEC inlet allows owners to choose their preferred brand of mains cable, ideally these should be the same throughout the system. The unit also has a dedicated earth post, which is particularly useful in earthing other components. Finally there is a fully suppressed LED indicator showing the unit is powered and ready to perform.



Although the Gemini can be positioned in a number of environments we recommend that the unit be wall mounted using our dedicated bracket system. If this is not viable, then position the unit so that the LED indicator light is visible and the unit is not covered by cabling, soft furnishings or positioned near heat sources, such as radiators or air ducts. Do not let liquids spill onto the unit. If this should happen, immediately switch of the unit at the wall socket, wait for at least one minute, unplug all other cables and return the unit to your nearest authorised IsoTek dealer.

Equipment coupling

Position the Gemini so that the 'IsoTek' logo is facing you and readable. To the left of the unit on the edge is an earth post and IEC inlet, which takes the power from your wall socket. You should also notice an LED indicator light mounted toward the top centrally on this face. When the unit is connected to a mains power supply this light will illuminate giving indication that the Gemini is fully powered and functional. The top of the unit features two high quality unswitched outlets, these accept all brands of mains cable.

System integration

We strongly recommend that a good quality mains cable is used and this cable is consistent throughout your system. Look for a cable with good conductors, for example oxygen free copper, this cable should also have a high degree of shielding from RFI.


The following information relates only to the IsoTek GII Gemini. These are original products and should not be confused with our previous MainLine or similarly named ‘copy cat’ models.


Number of outlets:


Type of outlets:

13A UK unswitched

Standard mains inlet:

IEC fused

Mains voltage:

110 - 270VAC

Maximum current:

10 Amps HRC


120mm x 80mm x 265mm (WxHxD)

Weight (boxed):


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It is possible to upgrade from the GII Gemini to the GII Orion.The upgrade includes new PCB board and internal wiring. The unit is also given a full service.Upgraded products are returned as new. Please call into your local dealer to arrange an upgrade.

Key Features

  • GII design featuring 'Polaris-X' technology
  • Full component from component isolation
  • Suitable for a complete system
  • Plug in & play installation
  • Power surge protection
  • External fusing
  • Dedicated earthpost
  • 2 high quality unswitched outlets





2005 What Hi-Fi?
5 Star Winner, IsoTek Gemini-6-Way


Magazine Reviews



"The Gemini is a stunning performer giving a good overall tonal balance."
What Hi-Fi? January 2005



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