The MEDUS has its origins in our product line for professional mastering studios. Mastering Engineers have the Golden Ears to give the music recordings the final touch before their release. So the MEDUS is as transparent as it can be. Hands down the best Digital to Analog Converter money can buy.

MEDUS is a stereo 24 Bit/192 kHz Digital to Analog Converter designed with the aim of keeping an absolutely uncompromising audio signal path. Much detail and thought was spent on the digital input as well as the analog output stage. Both have in common the purest possible approach in audio design, aspiring for nothing less than excellence. This is coupled with an ergonomic design that gives the user immediate access to all necessary functions, while keeping an uncluttered and thus easy to use front panel. This combination makes a truly professional D/A converter catering for the highest expectations.

The MEDUS works with AES/EBU, S/DIF, USB and Firewire (optional) inputs and handles PCM as well as DSD signals. An IR remote unit controls all functions.

  • “No doubt, this is a reference level component.”
  • Doug Schneider, Soundstage!
  • “What I’ve felt this weekend is beyond words. Again this evening I have been transfixed by the music during hours … ‘Beast’ was not the appropriate adjective for the MEDUS: it puts out the most refined sound one could possibly imagine.
    I congratulate you … you are doing a beautiful profession indeed ….”
  • Audiophile customer


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  • Audiophile customer
  • “We have had a chance to spend time with the MEDUS with Firewire. All I can say is … WOW. It is amazing. I listened with a TAD system (CR1s, Viola Labs preamp, various amplifiers) and also with a highly resolving headphone setup (Woo WES and Stax 009s). Mighty impressive!”
  • Audiophile customer


  • “No doubt, this is a reference level component.”
  • Doug Schneider, Soundstage!

Professional Mastering Engineers

  • “This is without any doubt the best D/A so far.”
  • Goran Finnberg, The Mastering Room, Sweden
  • “Interestingly, my clients in the past week have all commented on ‘how good’ the speakers sounded, including some folks who had previous projects mastered here. The difference is the MEDUS.”
  • Barry Corliss, Master Works, Seattle
  • “For the first time in my digital mastering career I have the distinct feeling I am finally hearing what is really on the tapes and CD’s delivered to me.”
  • Maarten de Boer, The Masters, Netherlands

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