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Audio Limits is not here just to sell you boxes that contain mediocre products, we want you to be proud of your purchase with lifetime enjoyment. We are very selective in the products we choose and they must pass our stringent expectations in sound, reliability, high quality and manufacturer support. Loyalty as well as being financially stable is another factor we look for when choosing the products we wish to represent. The products we carry go through vigorous testing, auditioning, and research before representing and selling the product. They must meet our high standard of excellence and overall enjoyment. If your looking for superiority in high end audio and wish to audition or speak to us regarding our products feel free to contact us at 719-203-6619. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Show Reports
Confessions of a Part-Time Audiophile by Scot Hull June 2014
Stereo Times by Dave Thomas April 25th thru 27th 2014
The Absolute Sound by Spencer Holbert June 6th 2014
Dagogo Doug Schroeder May 2014
The Audio Beat Newport 2014

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