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Audio Limits can design a system that will turn your room into a live musical event!

Imagine setting back in your favorite chair and listening to your favorite CD or LP and the singers voice is coming from the center of the stage, the Saxophone is to the right of the singer, the drums and cymbals you can hear on the left, piano far right and the back-round singer outside the left speaker. This along with the incredible dynamics and the fact that the speakers are so transparent  they disappear, allows you to experience that live performance in your own home. As you read about the position of each sound in the order given for example above (singer and musical instrument). Notice how your eyes move back and forth from singer to instruments and back to singer. When you play your favorite CD or LP on a high end system like this, its not just about what you hear, it’s also about what your feeling and seeing.

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Show Reports
Confessions of a Part-Time Audiophile by Scot Hull June 2014
Stereo Times by Dave Thomas April 25th thru 27th 2014
The Absolute Sound by Spencer Holbert June 6th 2014
Dagogo Doug Schroeder May 2014
The Audio Beat Newport 2014